Pinyen Creative Inc.

Pinyen Creative Inc. is a young product design group based in Taiwan, with a focus on re-introducing traditional Taiwanese culture, material and craftsmanship into modern living. Pinyen holds a fairly simple design philosophy: More local, More fashionable - storytelling via quality products. Under this guideline, Pinyen's designs are able to combine the quintessential Taiwanese aesthetics and characteristics. 




"I consider the fundamental concept of Asian design as the combination of arts and beauty. Due to the sublime craft quality and historical background of Asia, coupled with the wide variety of religious beliefs, many creative products with local colors have been produced. As time goes by, Asian design has already owned its unique characteristics." - Lo Yu-Fen, Maison et Object Asia Interview

Pinyen's Creative Director Lo Yu-Fen is a consumer electronic product design veteran. The transition came when Lo worked on a government project linking up product designers and local artisans for the revival of Taiwan’s crafts industry. She was immediately captured by the infinite design possibilities and never stopped working with the craftsmen since then. Since 2010 Lo launched her lifestyle brand, her refreshing designs continue to receive wide recognitions at major international design shows and design awards such as IF and RedDot.