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Rouge Fashion Book is China's first bi-annual independent fashion and art luxury magazine. 

China is starting to look within itself to find talents who create fashion and art from a Chinese and personal perspective. As a part of this cultural revelation and the growing interest in Chinese artists, Rouge Fashionbook brings a mix of young artists from China together with the works of international artists to create China’s first bi-annual independent fashion and art magazine. 
Issue 3's theme is "Significant Other"
In a time when the word “bromance” symbolizes a leap of faith in our understanding of self-expression and sexuality. When we talk of our friends as “bestie”and “partner in crime.” In a time of Tinder and Grindr. When the political division prevents us to see each other eye to eye. When facebook both unites billions of people on earth and sews doubt among them, human relationship is both more closely woven into the modern technocentric lifestyle, making us more “close-knit” for that matter, and more mysterious in the same time. With the unexpected revelation of social media’s inability to detect online algorithmic actors dressed up like real human beings, Rouge Fashionbook rethinks the cultural role media plays in manufacturing affection, consent, and even trust. 
In the third issue of Rouge Fashionbook, named “Significant Other,” we take a look at the duality: twins, lovebirds, mother and daughter, mentor and protege… with a curious eye on what they are wearing and why they are wearing it. This playful reading is simplistic at face value, but it might just be the right recipe for a temporary relief in an ever changing world.