Seduce, Pleasure and Empower

PILLOWBOOK is a modern take on traditional Chinese lingerie under the creative direction of designer Irene Lu, traditional Chinese chemise "dudou" has been brought back in fashion. 

Pillow books are titillating works of art created in ancient China as illustrated guides for adventurous love play. It later became customary wedding gifts to advise young newlyweds in pursuing the pleasures of love and thus, planted near matrimonial pillows. Today, this tradition are the roots of PILLOWBOOK creating an alternative design aesthetic with a healthy dose of eroticism to inspire our lovers to seduce, pleasure and empower.

Each piece of PILLOWBOOK lingerie is handcrafted by one single couturier, made of 100% silk sourced from Hangzhou, and the metal parts are crafted in France. Customization service is now available at Chop Suey Club. Come in have a consultation with us. 


Irene was born in NYC of Taiwanese parents. She grew up in Taiwan before attending New York Fashion Institute of Technology for intimate apparel. Her prior experience at Jean Yu, Oscar de la Renta Intimates and Kiki de Montparnasse brought her new understanding to the intimate apparel business, in particular the made-to-measure service - the intimacy between the client and the designer really struck a chord with Irene. In 2013, Lu planted the seeds of PILLOWBOOK to promote the traditional Chinese lingerie while empowering the beauty of petite breasts.

“For me, the collarbone, the hip wings, the nape are so much more sensual than a deep cleavage.” - Irene Lu