CHairEYES is a Shanghai based 70s-inspired eyewear label founded by designer Zhou Yuan. In a market brimming with fast fashion and mass-produced products, CHairEYES wants to sit down and take the time to create timeless pieces.

Fascinated by the natural patterns and colors of traditional Chinese stones, Yuan developed his own cellulose acetate through complex colorations that achieve the brilliant transparency, color, and finish hallmark to CHairEYES glasses. Each pair of CHairEYES eyewear is painstakingly cut, polished, and assembled by local craftsmen, and encased in a marble-patterned leather box.

Since its debut collection, CHairEYES has built a strong global following. Its stylish eyewear can be found in Vogue, ELLE, Vanity Fair, Wallpaper, Monocle, GQ, WWD, SURFACE and seen on celebrities including Lady Gaga, cultural icon Mr. Chow, and Hong Kong actor Cecilia Cheung. CHairEyes often collaborates with rising Chinese fashion designers, like Vega Zaishi Wang and Xander Zhou, to create special runway collections.

Zhou Yuan is a young man wearing many hats: graphic designer, stylist, fashion editor, clothing designer, furniture designer. eyewear designer, avid vintage eyewear collector and a night runner.

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