Percy Lau

PERCY LAU is a contemporary designer eyewear brand based in Hong Kong. In 2013, his boundary-pushing designs won him the prize at the International Talent Support YKK Award. 6 years later, PERCY LAU was selected for the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2019 list of entrepreneurs and game-changers.

PERCY LAU believes all creation serves as proof of the beauty that existed before us, after us, and forever more. Inspiration is simply the accumulation of everything that is already around us. Lau transforms elements from science and human nature into design, with an intention of inspiring people to discover the hidden possibilities in our daily lives.

Since the brand was founded, PERCY LAU has collaborated with the leading designers XANDER ZHOU, GROUND ZERO, DEEPMOSS, RICOSTRU, and JINNNN, along with LVMH Prize nominees XU ZHI and MOTO GUO. Aside from design, consultations for PEPSI, PEACE BIRD MAN, CAMPER, MO. & CO. and ZUGZUG etc. show the unrestricted potential of PERCY LAU's business development.


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