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氣花 Chi Flowers Earrings

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Laser cut acrylic earrings designed with architectural attention.

In traditional Chinese culture, 氣 qi or ch'i is believed to be a vital force forming part of any living entity. Qi translates as "air" and figuratively as "material energy", "life force", or "energy flow". Qi is the central underlying principle in Chinese traditional medicine and in Chinese martial arts. The practice of cultivating and balancing qi is called qigong.

925 silver ear studs. Some backings are made of silicone, depending on the model.

Each pair is uniquely numbered.

Clean with a feather duster. For more shine, use glass cleaner.

HEIGHT 77mm - 3 in
WIDTH 43mm - 1.7 in
WEIGHT 12 gram - 0.4 ounce