"Major Luck" Gift Bundle
"Major Luck" Gift Bundle
"Major Luck" Gift Bundle
"Major Luck" Gift Bundle

"Major Luck" Gift Bundle

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The "Major Luck" bundle holds everything anyone could ever hope for in the new year. Each item was chosen based on Chinese tradition, with the belief that it can bring prosperity, longevity, good luck, and even wisdom! Jade rings for purity, a peach jar for lasting vitality, red envelopes for giving-- these are just a FEW of the lucky objects in the set. Big enough to include all the quintessential new year's symbols, the "Major Luck" bundle's size and significance make it more like a stockpile of good fortune!

CNY Bundle featuring:

1 x Small Eternal Calendar

1 x Chinatown Tote - Beef Tripe

1 x CNY Blessing Sticker (Pack of 3)

3 x Golden Brass Dice

1 x Jade Face Roller

2 x Jade Rings (Green & White)

1 x Lion Dance LEGO combo

1 x Lotus Flower Incense Holder

1 x Mahjong Chocolate Ice Mold  (This item is sold in random colors)

1 x Mahjong Rubiks Cube

1 pair of Mahjong Socks

1 x Money Envelope (Pack of 5, this item is sold in random colors)

1 x Peach Jar

1 x Thank You Tray

1 x Until Death Do Us Part by Thomas Sauvin

2 pairs of Get Rich Socks (Black & White)