Tai Chi dogs Capsule Toy

Tai Chi dogs Capsule Toy

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It is said that dogs who practice tai chi are the best behaved, so these tiny toys are bound to be helpful and loyal friends. With multiple breeds available, choose one that speaks to your personality or reminds you of your own pet. Regardless if you are already a dog owner or not, every hero needs a companion on their journey towards inner peace.

Note: style choice is random like the real gachapon machine

Size: 50mm

Material: PVC


・Golden Retriever (Brown) ゴールデンレトリバー(茶)

・Golden Retriever (White) ゴールデンレトリバー(白)

・Shiba Inu 柴犬

・Pug パグ

・Miniature Dachshund (Marble) ミニチュアダックスフンド(マーブル)

・Miniature Dachshund (Brown) ミニチュアダックスフンド(茶)