Chop Suey Club's Chinatown Favorites

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Chop Suey Club's
Chinatown Favorites

Map guide for everything we love in Chinatown!
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🧨 To Do 🧨

1. Year of the Pig

2019 Chinese New Year Firecracker Ceremony & Cultural Festival
Time: Tuesday, Feb 5th, 11 am.
Location: Sara D. Roosevelt Park between Grand St & Hester St.

2019 Chinese New Year Parade
Time: Sunday, Feb 17, 1pm
Parade starts at Mott St & Hester St, going through East Broadway and ends at Forsyth & Hester St.
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2. New Year Prayer 🙏🏼

Mahayana Bhuddist Temple (133 Canal St)
On the first day of CNY, visit the neon-lit giant Buddha, say a prayer and get a fortune slip for $1 donation.
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3. Aura Reading 🔮

Magic Jewelry (238 Canal St)
Get your aura read and explained ($30) to gain some insight about your spiritual and physical energy.
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4. Culture & History 👩🏻‍🏫

Museum of Chinese in America MOCA (215 Center St)
Check out their beautifully designed permanent exhibition, it is the best way to learn the history of Chinatown.
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5. People Watching 👀

Columbus Park (67 Mulberry St)
Nested between a criminal court and a detention center, this park is where elderly Chinese folks come to perform Peking Opera, play mahjong/cards, and do tai-chi at. Some were legit performers back in the day.
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6. Play 🤡

Chinatown Arcade (8 Mott St)
A dream any time of the day. Open until midnight on weekdays, 2am on weekends. Do you know how difficult DDR is !??
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7. Massage 💆🏼‍♂️

Zuyuan (48 Mott St 2nd Fl)
Legit back and foot massage, 60 mins for $40 +tips. Reservations recommended in the afternoon and on weekends.
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8. Barber 💇🏻‍♂️

12 Pell (12 Pell St)
Boutique grooming shop new in Chinatown. $35 for a haircut & hot towl service. Browse their streetwear section while you’re waiting for a cut. If you are nice, they might hook you up with real hype stuff.
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🥟 Chinese Food 🥟

9. Dumplings & Noodles 🥟

88 Lan Zhou Handmade Noodles (40 Bowery)
Hands down the best dumplings in town! Get the dumplings boiled or fried ($3 for 10), then slather them in the house dipping sauce. If you got room for more, the Beef Brisket Noodle Soup ($8) is our favorite.
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10. Dim Sum 🥢

Dim Sum VIP (21 Mott St)
Opened two years ago by Golden Unicorn’s and Marri- ot’s dim sum chefs, this little gem has the freshest Shrimp Dumplings ($5.25) and unique items like Abalone Shumai ($6.25). Those oinky piggy buns came from here.
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11. Hotpot 🔥

99 Favor Taste ( 283 Grand St) All You Can Eat Hot Pot ($22.99) and BBQ ($26.99). Or get them both ($31.99) so you don’t have to choose. Show ID on your birthday for a free meal! Open until 2 a.m.
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12. Hong Kong 🇭🇰

Congee Village (100 Allen St) Served in a claypot, congee is a hot savory rice porridge that our grandmas would feed us when we get sick. Pork & black egg congee ($7) is a Cantonese classic, but definitely an acquired taste. For the faintest of hearts, try the Fish Fillet Congee instead.
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13. Taiwan 🇹🇼

Taiwan Pork Chop House (3 Doyer St) Our Taiwanese friends vouch for their Pork Chop ($5.75). Don’t forget to get a dessert dish like their taro ball herbal jelly ($6) or mango ice ($6).
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14. Nuevo Chinese 🥡

Mission Chinese Food (171 E Broadway) Eclectic menu with fun cocktails in a hip party-like setting. Memorable goodies include Chongqing Chicken Wings w/ XXX Spices ($16), Trice Cooked Bacon & Rice Cakes ($19), Kung Pao Pastrami ($19), Lobster and Coconut Fried rice ($30).
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15. Late Night Food 🥠

Wo Hop (17 Mott St)
Our go-to spot for a late night drunk spree. Get a beef chow fun ($5.6) to soak up the excess alcohol in your stomach. Go downstairs for the full effect.
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💸 Shopping 💸

16. Come to Us! 🤗

Chop Suey Club (81 Hester St)
Boutique store focuses on contemporary Chinese design & culture. Featuring unique eyewear, jewelries, books, art and curios that’ll make awesome gifts and new home additions. We just love fun things!

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17. Chinese Goods 🏮

Pearl River Mart (395 Broadway)
THE destination for everything Chinese - chopsticks, fans, Qipao, embroidered slippers, furniture ... New location features a gallery on top.
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18. Vintage Electronics 📺

Hi-Tech Electronic Service Center (47 Canal St)
A great electronic repair shop but also an amazing vintage radio & turntable store. Just fascinating to browse.

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19. Jewelry 👑

Popular Jewelry (255 Canal St)
Where rappers like A$AP Rocky and Higher Brothers will go get their chains and grills. The store owner Ava is a straight-up gangsta but also a sweetheart.
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20. East Broadway Mall 📖

(88 E Broadway) Recently became an offbeat wonderland of art and fashion. Inside this obscure Chinese mall you’ll find a group of interesting galleries, clothing stores and our favorite Two Bridges Music & Arts (2nd floor).
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21. Canal Street Market 🏬

(265 Canal St) Curated shopping & food space with rotating indie vendors. Get a fancy Rolex coffee from Office Coffee and pick up a magazine for a little break.
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🍲 Asian Food 🍲

22. Malaysian 🇲🇾

Kopitiam (151 E Broadway) is a gem for Nyonya cuisine - a hybrid of Chinese and Malay flavors. We highly recommend: Kaya Butter Toast ($6), Penang style hand rolled muah chee ($6.5), Nasi Lemak ($8.5) - a Malaysian national dish made with coconut rice and spicy anchovy/dried shrimp filling.
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23. Vietnamese 🇻🇳

Nah Trang One (87 Baxter St) Named after a beachside village in Vietnam, this popular lunch spot offers a solid pho ($7) and very good Vietnamese coffee.
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24. Thai 🇹🇭

Noree Thai Bazzar (274 Grand St)
Spacious new Thai restaurant with a full bar, designed to emulate a Thai night market. Check out their skewer happy hours after work and try their Fried Frog Legs ($12).
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25. Japanese 🇯🇵

Shinka Ramen & Sake Bar (93 Bowery) has a crazy delicious vegetarian Miso Soy Milk Ramen ($14) that will please vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.
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26. Korean 🇰🇷

Tofu Tofu (96 Bowery) Family run restaurant. A combo is big enough for two people to share. But getting a Hae Mool Pa Jun (seafood pancake $12.95) never hurts.
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🍧 Snacks 🍧

27. Bubble Tea 🥤

Ten Ren Tea (73 Mott St) Maybe because Ten Ren is a real teashop, their bubble tea has a fresher tea taste. Adjustable sugar & ice level, you can substitute the tapioca boba with coconut jelly for a healthier twist.
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28. Coffee ☕️

Round K (99 Allen St) Run by a Korean coffee maker with a science background. Various specialty coffee drinks and breakfast available with nice seating in the back. Try the super tasty Matte Black Iced Latte ($6.5).
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29. Origiri 🍙

Yaya Tea Garden (51 Chrystie St) Grab a few of these tasty origiri ($2-$5) -
triangular seaweed-wrapped rice balls - for your day trip.

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30. Ice Cream 🍦

Ice & Vice ( 221 E Broadway) is our absolute favorite ice cream destination. They have a super creative seasonal menu along with staples like Opium Den and Tea Dance.
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31. Jerky 🥓

Ling Kee Jerky (42 Canal St) offers some unforgettable jerky made with beef, pork, chicken or shrimp. Get a 1/4 lb spicy pork ($8) to try. If you are lucky, you may find a box of their delicious pineapple pastry ($12).
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32. Bakery 🥐

Taipan Bakery (194 Canal St)
Taipan has been a Chinatown staple for the last two decades. Try some Chinese bakery classics: Egg Tarts ($1.5), Dried Pork Bun ($1.75), Pineapple Bun, Lao Po Bing, Taro Bread or anything that catches your attention.
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🍻 Nightlife 🍻

33. Bar 🍸

Peachy’s (5 Doyers St, under Chinese Tuxedo) The peachy theme came from an ancient Chinese poet who wrote a fable about a fisherman wondering into a hidden utopic world filled with peach blossoms.
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34. Karaoke 🎤

Up Stairs Bar (59 Canal, 2nd Fl) Some locals are gonna be mad at us for telling you about this hidden gem. This is a super chill open karaoke bar, $1 a song, couple drinks down you’ll be ready to sing your heart out.
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35. Dancing 💃🏻🕺🏻

Better Days (302 Broome St) had better days indeed. It’s a hit or miss since reopen, but there are two floors for different vibes. It’s a blessing in disguise we don’t have many good dance spots in Chinatown.
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For Chinese New Year 2019 we want to celebrate this moment with you by sharing our favorite spots in Manhattan’s Chinatown. These are the places that feed us, inspire us and shape our community. We hope you can experience their vibrancy the way we do. Chinatown map guide from Chinatown insiders.

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