2017 Killer Holiday Gift Guide

Our handpicked gifts for every kind of friend you have. ; )

Ren Hang 任航 Poetry Translated: Poem 2017

To pay homage to the late Chinese photographer Ren Hang 任航, we translated some of his recent poems to English.  Ren Hang's poetry transpires this simplicity that is as any bit real, cruel and beautiful as his photography. The original text can be viewed on Ren Hang's website: http://www.renhang.org

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the right holiday gift for everyone on your list is no small feat, which is why we put together this year's Holiday Gift Guide to help you find the best gifts. 

China Architectural Guide

In an era of accelerating population growth, mass urbanisation, and increasing pressure on the natural environment, the mega­ cities of China's eastern seaboard have become a focal point of architectural and urban­design attention. The reform and opening-up era has touched China's major cities in different ways, variously affecting the existing fabric of dynastic capitals, trade hubs, and former European colonies and concessions; this in turn has provided the setting for a range of complex reactions by contemporary architects. The Architectural Guide China provides an invaluable window into this work, with city­ by­city coverage including historic maps and background information on urban form. Building on the authors' years of experience leading architectural study tours, this book is the rst comprehensive English­language...

Effortless Connection

Sometimes a musical instrument can also be a musical sculpture. Read about our experience with the KONG drums. 

Discover Our Neighborhood: Two Bridges Hidden Gems

Quietly nested between Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, south of Lower East Side, east of Chinatown, Two Bridges is one of the best kept secrets of New York. Even for a lot of long time New York residents, Two Bridges is an unheard of neighborhood. Chop Suey Club created this Foursquare map to show you what we consider the best for food, shopping and art around us.  See the list on Foursquare


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