About Chop Suey Club

CHOP SUEY CLUB is a concept store focusing on contemporary Chinese Design & Arts. We carry an unique selection of fashion accessories, clothing, home furnishing and art, all sourced from young Chinese creatives worldwide, all of which create interesting paths between the past and the future. 

We believe the best way to dissipate xenophobia is to make your culture accessible to the others. Chop Suey Club is our effort to open up contemporary Chinese culture to a larger audience. 

Located in Manhattan’s Two Bridges neighborhood - an upcoming enclave adjacent to Chinatown and LES - Chop Suey Club showcases a seasonal rotation of Chinese designs for diverse lifestyles.

Our Lower Level space focuses on developing female and Asian entrepreneurship. 

#ChineseDesign @chop_suey_club



81 Hester Street, New York NY 10002

Tuesday - Sunday       noon - 7:00 pm 

Monday Closed

LES [2Bridges] Chinatown

FOR ALL INQUIRIES: info@chopsueyclub.com

Phone: (646) 801-0238