It's Easier Than Ever to Become A REAL Mahjong Player


In most Asian families, members who are mahjong players dominate the scene of holiday gatherings. Many of us grew up watching our relatives play- the clacking sounds of shuffling tiles has become an important part of our memory about family, reunion and entertainment…For those of us who didn't grow up with mahjong, it seems like a fun but difficult game to understand

Don't let the tiles and lingos fool you! This seemingly complicated game is actually a lot like poker: there is a set number of tiles, and your goal is to form a winning hand before anyone else does. Certain winning hands or conditions would grant you bigger wins. Easy right? 

It is time to get started and become the Real Deal during holiday gatherings! You don’t need to watch dozens of YouTube videos, or beg that one excellent-player friend for informal classes. 

Gear Up for Your Mahjong Night