Mahjong Room

Welcome to Chop Suey Club’s mahjong room! Whether you are a newbie or a master, we want you to have the most fun with this great game. Need some guidance? Our instructors can teach you and your friends how to play! Karaoke while playing mahjong!? Book the whole room to unlock the karaoke feature!

Booking Options

Manual Table



per hour

Enjoy the pace, push tile yourself. Traditional style table with traditional tiles that need your hands to keep moving.

  • Manual mahjong table & seatings for 4 players in a shared space
  • Can bring 4 additional guests.
  • Mahjong set and accessories

Automatic Table



per hour

MORE rounds, MORE fun! This table will automatically reshuffle tiles and push them out game ready.

  • Automatic mahjong table & seatings for 4 players in a shared space
  • Can bring 4 additional guests.
  • Mahjong set and accessories

Room Takeover



per hour

All tables are yours plus karaoke(!), great for a small party. Got questions? Give us a call at (646) 801-0238.

  • 1 manual table + 1 automatic table & seatings for 8 players in a private space
  • Can bring 12 additional guests.
  • Mahjong set and accessories
  • Karaoke




per hour

Instructor will teach you classic Chinese mahjong. You’ll be able to play on your own in no time!

  • 1 dedicated instructor for your table.
  • Learn the fundamental rules and tips to play mahjong.
  • Complimentary CSC Mahjong Guide for each player.


Tuesday - Sunday | 5pm - 1am
Open by reservation only.


Chop Suey Club - Lower Level
81 Hester Street, New York NY 10002 Get direction

Contact Us:

Phone: (646)801-0238




Mahjong Room Policy

Age Restrictions: Must be 18+ to make reservation. Valid photo ID will be required upon check-in. If you are booking for other people, make sure they are 18+ with valid photo IDs. Adult supervision is required for minors under 18 years old. Alcohol consumption or BYOB is only allowed for guests over 21 years old, must show valid ID before opening container.

Booking and Reservation Policies: Reservation can be made online or in-store. A full payment is required at the time of booking. We suggest guests arrive 10 mins before the scheduled reservation time. Late arrivals or no-shows (10 mins grace period)  may result in a shortened game time without reimbursement.

Cancellation: You can cancel your reservation for free if done 12 hours or more before the scheduled reservation time. Cancellations made within 12 hours of the reservation time will incur a cancellation fee equivalent to 30% of the total reservation cost.

Capacity Limits: Table booking allows 4 players at a time, you may bring additional 4 guests to join at one time. Room booking allows a maximum of 20 people at a time, although for better comfort, we recommend guest number not exceeding 15 people.

Use of Equipment and Facilities: The reservation includes access to the mahjong table(s), chairs, tiles, and any other designated facilities within the game room. Guests are responsible for the proper care and handling of all equipment and facilities provided during their reservation. Any damage caused due to negligence or misuse may result in additional charges.

Prohibited Activities: Gambling, illegal substance use and smoking (vape included), aggressive behavior, racism, sexism or harassment are strictly prohibited in our facility. Violators will be removed from our premise.

Code of Conduct: Please be respectful to everyone in the space, and treat our equipment & space with care. Have fun, make noise - just don’t be excessively loud, please be considerate to other guests in the space. Chop Suey Club reserves the full rights to remove or ban any guest from the facility for breaking house rules.

Time Limits: Guests can use the space for the duration of their reservation. Guests are welcome to stay longer at the space to collect their belongings. But the space must be cleared within 5 minutes after the reservation ends. If other people are waiting for their reservation, the table must be cleared immediately.

Security Measures: The mahjong room is monitored by a security camera 24/7 and team members during operating hours. Please be respectful and courtesy to our team members managing the space to ensure we all have a good time. 

Emergency Procedures: In the event of an emergency, please follow the instruction of our team member.

Accessibility: Please reach out to our team members for accessibility assistance.

Alcohol Policy: Guests aged 21+ are welcome to bring and consume their own alcohol in our facility during reservation time. 

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: All guests utilizing the mahjong room facilities must adhere to applicable laws, regulations, and local ordinances governing the use of such facilities. Chop Suey Club reserves the right to refuse service or terminate a booking if there is any violation of these laws or regulations.


  • If I have less than 4 people in my party, can we still play?

    The short answer is yes, mahjong can be played by just two people, but it will be way less fun and way more confusing. For first time learning, we suggest booking an instructor table with a minimum of 3 people, our instructor will sit in as the 4th player. Currently we do not offer single player reservation.

  • Can my guests play or learn to play?

    Yes, your guests are allowed to sit in your seat, play and learn.

  • How do I cancel or change my reservation?

    You can cancel or change your reservation via email or give us a call at (646) 801-0238

  • What style of mahjong do you teach? And how long does it normally take to learn?

    We teach the classic Chinese style, some may call it the Shanghainese style, this style covers the basis of all mahjong principles without the complication of point counting. Typically learning from zero to the ability to play on your own takes about 30mins to an hour.

  • Do I need to know Chinese to play?

    No, you don’t need to know Chinese to play. We use tiles with markings in the corner to help you quickly identify them. You can also grab a copy of our Mahjong Guide for Beginnners, there are tile illustrations to help you identify the Chinese characters more easily.

  • Do you have food or drinks for sale?

    Only soft drinks are available for sale at the moment.


  • Friday 05/10 - Sunday 05/12 Mother’s Day Mahjong Weekend 25% Off


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