Percy Lau

Percy Lau is a Hong Kong based eponymous eyewear design brand founded in 2013. The collections are based on the theme of science and play with interactions between humanity and nature. Percy Lau believes that accessories allow an individual to explore the world from an unusual angle, to develop and highlight an individual’s overall look and personality. Percy Lau is a brand designed to help fashion enthusiasts through self-reflection and uniqueness. 

Jiazazhi Press 假杂志

Based in Ningbo, China, Jiazazhi is a photographic art publishing house devoted to the exploration of photography presentations that are off the wall. Their practices include a blogzine, publishing project, distributing project, and a quarterly magazine (currently in development). 

yuue Design Studio

yule Design is a young product design studio based in Berlin, Germany. yuue explores the boundary between art and design, puts great value on the interactive and emotional aspects of a product. 


KONG drums are musical sculptures designed by Beijing based artist duo Wang Xing and Yu Cen.  The cosmic sound of a Kong drum instantly transcends the environment and purifies one’s mind. The Kong drum’s hollow, oblong appearance also directly reflects this philosophy.


Founded in 2008 by serial entrepreneur and design connoisseur Zhou Yuan, CHairEYES is a Shanghai based eyewear label featuring handcrafted, 70s-inspired glasses and sunglasses. In a market brimming with fast fashion and mass-produced products, CHairEYES wants to sit down and take the time to create timeless pieces, hence the name “CHairEYES.”

Pinyen Creative Inc.

Pinyen Creative Inc. is a young product design group based in Taiwan, with a focus on re-introducing traditional Taiwanese culture, material, and craftsmanship into modern living. Pinyen holds a fairly simple design philosophy: More local, more fashionable - storytelling via quality products. Under this guideline, Pinyen's designs are able to combine the quintessential Taiwanese aesthetics and characteristics. 


“Using the rigour of European suit to present the elegance of the Chinese robe.”  Born in Chongqing, lived in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing, educated as a painter, skilled as graphic designer, and now a working fashion designer, designer Sun Xiaofeng 孙小峰 has had a wide-breadth of influence. In 2012, Sun launched namesake menswear label SEAN SUEN in Beijing.


Pillowbook is a modern take on traditional Chinese lingerie. Under the creative direction of designer Irene Lu, traditional Chinese intimate "dudou" is back in fashion.  Based in Beijing. 

Ejing Zhang

The studio of Ejing Zhang was founded in 2014 and based in central London- Cockpit Arts Holborn. Through the combination of thread, wood and resin, Ejing Zhang Studio creates intricate jewellery by highlighting a cross section of the mixed media resin tile, revealing its abstract and detailed core. All the tiles are hand poured and finished in their London based studio making each and every piece completely unique.