So Scary! 4 Asian Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween 2023

So Scary! 4 Asian Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween 2023

Step into the eerie embrace of Southeast Asian horror this year! Both Thai and Taiwanese horror movies are deeply entwined with local traditions and religious folklore. Thai cinema, in particular, boasts a rich tapestry of terrifying tales drawn from age-old legends. Let's delve into the shadowy realms and explore the spooky side of Southeast Asian cinema.


1. Shutter ชัตเตอร์ กดติดวิญญาณ (2004) 


Shutter is one of Thailand's most influential and representative supernatural horror movies. It’s about a young photographer and his girlfriend discovering mysterious shadows in their photographs after a tragic accident. They soon learn that they can not escape their past. An English-language remake of the same name was released in 2008, but trust me, the original is better.
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2. Art of the Devil 2 คนเล่นของ 2 (2005) 

Art of the Devil 2 is about a group of high school friends reuniting after two years when one of their fathers committed suicide. They all spend the night at their friend's place. When darkness falls, strange things begin to happen to them one by one. There are 3 movies in this series, but we think Art of the Devil 2 is the best one. If you enjoy gory movies like Sadness (2021), this is definitely your movie.

3. The Tag-Along 紅衣小女孩 (2015) 


Tag-Along is the first of a trilogy that was based on a well-known Taiwanese urban legend "The Little Girl in Red.” A little girl with a red dress haunts people with shame, guilt, and regrets. The movie is about a guy who went missing a day before his grandma returned from her disappearance. His girlfriend desperately searches for him and only to find the horrors brought by the little girl in red.
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4. The Rope Curse 2  粽邪 2 (2018)

The story centers around a real ancient ritual in Taiwan called “The Rope Ritual”. It is believed that the spirit of a person who committed suicide by hanging can create a curse that will reside on the rope used, and the power of the curse will grow stranger the longer it is left. To prevent this from happening, a special ritual must be performed by burying the rope at sea, however, the process is not as easy as it sounds. If you liked Incantation (2022), this is the movie for you.