Chop Suey Club is an Asian lifestyle boutique that focuses on Chinese diaspora design and culture. The retail store features seasonal rotations of art and décor, home goods, clothing, jewelry, collectibles, gifts, and more. Through unique product offerings and immersive events, Chop Suey Club aims to provide deeper bonds for people through the celebration of Asian culture, fulfill those who are seeking unique cultural expressions as global citizens.


The name Chop Suey Club stems from a few different inspirations but is most notably a reference to the American Chinese dish Chop Suey; a medley of meat and vegetables in a gravy-like sauce eaten over rice or noodles. The dish was popularized throughout the early and mid-twentieth century and is mainly what came to mind when people thought about Chinese food and takeout. In part, this was because the dish was replicated in Chinese restaurants all over the country to appeal to an American palate by using less complicated ingredients and flavors. The dish came to symbolize Chinese assimilation in America.
New York City, like the hodge podge dish itself, is an intermix of cultures, people, and ideas. With the largest population of ethnic Chinese outside of Asia, plus numerous other immigrant groups and communities, the city remains an ever-evolving hub of cultural mingling. As we’ve continued embracing technology and globalization, the last few decades have spawned many Chinese creatives in fashion, art, design, animation, film, and music. Situated at this international intersection, Chop Suey Club is in a unique position to highlight Chinese and diaspora creatives’ work and fulfill the need for those seeking unique cultural expression as a global citizen.


Chop Suey Club founder Ruoyi Jiang



I grew up in Beijing and moved to New York for college. After graduating, I worked in fashion, art, architecture, design and other creative fields where I started to see more work from Chinese creatives and from Asia in general. As I was looking to buy Chinese design goods for myself, I had a hard time finding them, especially in the US. This prompted my initial idea for the store. So in 2016, Chop Suey Club opened up with a very selected few items. Now occupying both floors of the corner space where our first pop-ups were hosted, Chop Suey Club is a shopping and social hub at the crossroads of Chinatown and the Lower East Side. 
Running a business in New York hasn't been the easiest, but I feel ever so grateful for being able to share what I love with so many people, seeing the joy in our customers always fill me with the most light. I hope to continue to bring you the best and the funnest in the many more years to come, no matter where you are in this world :)