3D Printed Velvet Headband-Headband-YVMIN 尤目-CHOP SUEY CLUB
3D Printed Velvet Headband
3D Printed Velvet Headband

3D Printed Velvet Headband

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Velvet felted headband composed of butterfly bows. This is a runway showpiece from YVMIN x SHUSHU TONG Bloodthirsty Girl collection.

Size: Outer height 18cm, outer width 7cm, inner diameter 13cm,/

Outer height 7.1", outer width 2.8", inner diameter 5.1", Weight: 134g

Material: Nylon

Care Instructions: Use a soft brush to clear the debris off. Please seek professional dry clean care if stained. Do not wash or touch water.

Designer: YVMIN is an acclaimed Beijing based jewelry design studio known for its innovative take on body-decoration.