5 Toe-Curling Chinese Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

5 Toe-Curling Chinese Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

This Halloween let's watch some Chinese horror movies from the recent years. Unlike American horrors, Chinese scary movies tend to be less gory but more psychologically thrilling. Here are five films that'll leave you crying, screaming, and throwing up.

1. INCANTATION 咒 (2022)

Incantation is the latest horror movie from Taiwan about folklores and curses. This movie is shot in a mockumentary style like The Blair Witch Project, with the "4th wall" broken - the protagonist talking to the audience directly - it's not crazy scary but quite freaky. See how the trailer is a mind-f*ck already?

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2. THE SADNESS 哭悲 (2021)

Another horror movie from Taiwan, this one shares a similar premise to The Purge in which normal people lose their minds and become bloodthirsty killers. But instead of a crazy policy, the madness in this movie is fueled by a plague.

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3. DUMPLINGS 餃子 (2004) 

A retired actress begins eating secret dumplings to retain her beauty, only to discover the horrifying ingredients inside of them. If you wanna be traumatized forever and possibly never eat dumplings again, you gotta give this movie a try.

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4. THE EYE 見鬼 (2002)

In efforts to restore her vision, a blind girl receives a cornea transplant, but she also begins to see other things.. This Hong Kong & Singapore co-production is a thriller that never seizes to scare us. It is so good there's even an American remake under the same title. 

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5. RIGOR MORTIS 殭屍 (2013)

Kungfu & zombies! Need I say more? This action packed horror movie is an homage to the classic Jiangshi vampire zombie genre from the 80s and 90s. The design of the king vampire's makeup is quite remarkable.

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